Martin’s Scottish Board and porridge for breakfast

Martin picked up his heavily scored K2 after it had received the fill, scrape, structure, edge & wax treatment – after on the left, before on the right…


Then when he picked up his “Scottish Board” he dropped off a rather nice Never Summer board for some TLC. More on that in another blog post sometime.
The other board in the after picture was caked in ?wax? when it was dropped off. Jon was so embarrassed by the white base and mysterious chemical coating that he told me he was dropping it off “for a friend”. Aye, right…

Anyway, once the base goo was scraped off it turned out that the edges had been tuned by hand at some point which made redoing the edges a pleasure rather than a trial, which goes to show you shouldn’t judge a board by its base.

One thought on “Martin’s Scottish Board and porridge for breakfast”

  1. As you can see from the pictures my K2 was in a very sorry state.
    Impressed he managed to get the board looking as good as it does, I don’t think it has looked that good for years and its definitely better than any service I have had elsewhere.
    Definitely demonstrates he knows what he is doing.
    Cheers, Martin

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