Ideally you will know enough about your board or skis to know exactly what you want in terms of base/edge angles, waxing, structure.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we can look at the kit and advise.

Basic Pricing – skis & boards

  1. Clean bases and one coat hot wax, scraped & brushed:  £16
  2. Edge and wax: clean bases, tune edges, one coat hot wax: £25
  3. Simple base repairs, edge and wax: £35
  4. Numerous base repairs, refresh base structure, edge and base & hot wax: £50
  5. Flatten convex/concave bases, structure, edge and base & hot wax: £60
  6. Big repairs – “core shots” or bent edges – bring them in for a quote but you might just get sympathy
  7. Want a lesson? Do the work yourself under supervision – £10 surcharge to cover the extra time.


  1. Second coat of hot wax (ie base coat then top coat): add £3 (included if base restructured)
  2. Hot wax base clean instead of aqueous degreaser: add £3 (not suitable pre-repairs)
  3. Pick up/drop off service 15 mile radius of Aberdeen, home or office: add £10
  4. Express service Friday or Saturday night – drop off before 1800 hrs pick up at 2100 hrs or early next morning – subject to availability – add £15

Lessons typically take 90 mins to 2 1/2 hours depending on the work to be done. Available any time, any day, subject to availability – get in touch to find out more: 07736 143836;

Discounts are available for Aberdeen Snowsports Club members – 10% off on presentation of membership card.

Students get an extra 10% discount – that’s a whopping 20% off the prices above – if they can find their abdnsnow uni club cards.

Returning Customers get a 10% discount because kit that has been fettled by me once is much easier to service the second time.

We have a range of waxes but we only stock hydrocarbon waxes – Dominator Zoom base renew (purple) & universal (lime) -10 to zero degrees C ; Racewax Indoor Snow (black with graphite); Holmenkol Alphamix (warm snow) & Betamix (cold snow). If you want to use fluorocarbon wax or additives you’ll have to bring them in as they’re too expensive to buy on spec.

P-tex repairs are performed with a base doc gas iron not a candle for extra control.

Convex base flattening & cutting structure are done with the SkiVisions structure tool.

Concave base flattening (for “railed bases”) is carried out with the SkiVisions file base planer – see this post.