The Knowledge

There is a wealth of info on ski & board tuning on the web these days, much of it contradictory. ManCave has waded through terabytes of YouTube vids, bad tempered forum posts, manufacturer handbooks & supplier websites to save you the trouble.

We don’t have any dogmatic views. We’ll discuss the various opposing opinions if you wish but the final tune will be what you want not what we force on you. If for some reason you don’t like what you get bring the gear back and we can trim the spec to bring your experience closer to your expectations.

Links I like are below. No specific connections other than occasionally buying gear from the suppliers.

Jon Coster’s The Piste Office – highly regarded tech/tutor and lots of very sound information and online shop:

Ski Visions – clever tools to keep gear in shape, plus a lot of user videos:

Tognar Toolworks – Based in Oregon with incredible selection of tools, equipment and consumables. Remember when you look at the crazy low prices that you’ll be paying a lot for shipping, VAT and the post office £8 handling fee:

Tiso/Blues – the only people in Scotland with a Wintersteiger stone grind machine if you prefer automatic to artisan:

Winter Highland – up to date photos and snow reports for all Scotland:

Epic ski forum – nuggets of great info in amongst piles of unnecessarily bolshy comments – predominantly North American:

And a really cool site – build your own skis & boards!