Alex’s K2s

Alex dropped off his well-used K2s for a proper repair & service. The bases had seen some action:

Plenty of stories to tell

Fortunately K2 put proper thick P-tex on their bases so there was plenty to work with. An hour or so with the base doc soldering iron and many P-tex strips and we were back on track:

Also in the Cave a the same time were a typical pair of lightweight tourers, in this case John’s new Factions. John has previous form on bringing in horribly damaged skis and these were no exception. Take a look at that extra-thin P-tex which put up no resistance to the first rock it saw and stripped straight down to the edge tabs – twice:

The base is about 0.6mm thick instead of the healthier but heavier 1.2 or even 1.6mm
The black P-tex comes from a hot knife repair job on the chalet balcony apparently

John has had the lecture about coloured bases more than once but some people simply have anarchic tendencies so he keeps on going back to whacky colours which look rubbish when you fill them with black P-tex – which is why there aren’t any photos of the finished skis.

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  1. A fantastic job. My K2s are in the best state they have been in years. Just need to get back up the hill now!

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