Peter’s lesson

Peter dropped off four sets of skis back in April with a view to getting a lesson at some point. Finally in early July the planets aligned and we were able to get to work on his K2s. Here are a couple of shots from the pre-lesson work:

Crossways scrape on the base – there were plenty of these
All the scrapes and gouges filled ready for scraping






By the time Peter and Kurtis arrived all the K2s needed was a quick edge & wax. There were two of them so they got a ski each to work on.

One good thing about working on skis in July is the natural light flooding into the cave, as well as no need for beanies or buffies. All very civilised.

Here’s Peter diamond filing an edge:






And here are the finished skis:

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  1. Thanks John for the expert tuition and patience in getting the lesson scheduled. Skis all looking terrific now and stored away ready for the new season when it comes. Kurt and I really enjoyed the lesson under your expert guidance. I would highly recommend man cave services for providing a very professional and knowledgeable ski service.

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