Staggering to the exit

Julian dropped off a family of skis before his Easter ski trip. Here they are all shined up:

They look great and Julian can hold his head high in the baggage reclaim area as he drags them to the transfer bus with his wife & kids racing ahead, not offering any support whatsoever (maybe that’s just my family).

However closer inspection reveals that the daddy Völkls are actually on their last legs.

Take a quick look at the base when it arrived at the Cave:

That wee nick only had to dig down about half a millimetre to reach the wooden core. It looks like the Völkl design team cut weight by using skinny P-Tex. The edges are also skinny.

So once the holes are filled and scraped we get a chance to step back and…



Oof! See the black tabs from the edges shining through the P-Tex? You can feel the lumps along the edge. Not much life left there.

Sadly the edges are already disappearing down the side so although we would normally prescribe a base grind to bring everything down then reset the edges there simply ain’t no base left to play with. Tricky.

So I carried on and finished the job but there’s only one more holiday left in these puppies I’m afraid.

Finally, and I’m not pointing the finger here, Julian mentioned that he has an edging guide & file that he swipes over the edges from time to time. All I’m going to say is that you really, really need to spend an extra few quid on a sidewall planer. And you need to use it, at least once per edge. Just sayin’…

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  1. Man cave service is excellent, very professional,thoroughly recommend. Edges worked well on early morning Val d’Isere ice. Will be looking to replace the Mantras with 2018 Mantas in the sales. I do enjoy the light weight and they have lasted around 100 days.

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